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Software Development

At ARS, we continually strive to improve the services we offer to clients.  Our purpose-developed, proprietary software programs are just one of the way in which we do this.


WebTRAN is the ARS-proprietary web-based software application developed to document the real-time status of the transition products for NFPA 805.

With WebTRAN, clients can easily monitor progress and provide oversight of a transition project in progress. The software includes enhanced features for open items and variances from deterministic requirements (VFDRs), with the capability for management to review ongoing work products. In addition, contractors and owners can view the transition to NFPA 805.


As part of the guidelines set forth in NUREG/CR-6850, Task 11 directs nuclear power plants in the methods of performing detailed fire modeling, predicting the ways in which a fire will behave in a designated area and the equipment that may be affected by such a fire. The fire protection engineers at ARS have designed a data mapping tool, TASK11xl, to facilitate the maps and models necessary to making these calculations.


As part of ARS’s mission of working with clients to develop strategies to minimize the risk of fire in nuclear power plants, we have developed a tool to assist in calculating fire ignition frequency.  Under Task 6 of the NUREG/CR-6850 guidance, plants evaluate the likelihood of fires caused by possible ignition sources identified on plant walkdowns.  The engineers at ARS have developed a Fire Ignition Frequency Database to determine this likelihood and how it affects fire modeling and fire probabilistic risk assessment modeling.