About ARS

ARS is a growing company doing business internationally with a strong and diverse client base.  Our goal is to provide outstanding services through the promotion of safety and best in class engineering practices.  The company has extensive and diverse experience in providing fire protection engineering services to the government and commercial industry including the power utility industry, commercial clients, and Highly Protected Risk (HPR) industrial facilities.  ARS consultants provide innovative analysis and solutions in the areas of risk management, safe shutdown analysis, fire probabilistic risk assessment, fire modeling, licensing support, code compliance, and classical fire protection.

ARS is an engineering services company with a focus on fire protection and life safety for critical infrastructure. The ARS Team includes degreed engineers in the fields of fire protection, mechanical, electrical, chemical, civil and nuclear.  Our staff have an average more than 25 years of professional experience. ARS provides knowledgeable engineers and technicians, with experience in providing innovative solutions to complex problems.


Appendix R Solutions (ARS) was founded in 2000 as a veteran-owned small business with the aim of assisting commercial power stations to develop strategies and programs to comply with the regulations set forth in 10 CFR 50.48 Appendix R.

At its founding, the mission of ARS was to assist clients to comply with Appendix R to Part 50, and provide innovative solutions in fire protection engineering.  Since 2000, ARS has expanded its client base to include non-nuclear facilities, government facilities, and commercial industrial facilities.  ARS is a leader in the fire protection and risk management industry.

ARS has been a major participant in the transition of fire protection programs from the deterministic regulations defined in Appendix R to risk-informed, performance-based regulations under 10 CFR 50.48(c), the development of fire probabilistic risk analyses (FPRA) under NUREG/CR-6850, and the implementation of new fire protection programs.

Following the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, which caused the nuclear accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, there has been increasing international concern over the ability to maintain a power plant in a safe and stable condition following an incident.  In the wake of Fukushima, all of Japan’s nuclear plants were shut down and have been undergoing extensive safety inspections.  ARS has supported the post-Fukushima restart efforts of several plants in Japan by conducting safe shutdown analyses in accordance with NEI 00-01, ensuring that one train of systems, components, and structures can remain functional following a fire, by assisting with fire probabilistic risk analyses in accordance with NUREG/CR-6850, and by performing Reactor Oversight Program assessments.

Vision, Mission, and Values


ARS is a multi-disciplinary company that specializes in unique engineering solutions within the United States and international markets.


ARS specializes in fire protection services with an emphasis on risk management, safe shutdown analysis, fire probabilistic risk assessment, fire modeling, licensing, and classical fire protection services.


Alignment – ARS ensures alignment internally and with our customers to provide effective communications.  This includes listening to the customer’s needs and priorities, as well as continuous improvement in the quality of ARS communications and services.

Respect – ARS values our employees.  We consider teamwork, professional development, and the health and safety of the public and ARS employees to be of paramount importance in our mission to provide the best services to our customers.  In addition, ARS respects the environment and engineers solutions that both protect the environment and promote public health and safety.

Service – ARS is highly committed to our customers.  We are focused on providing unique, innovative, and long-term solutions.  We offer integrity, accountability, timeliness, and quality as part of our routine internal expectations for our services and deliverables.


The ARS Team includes licensed Mechanical &Fire Protection Engineers, Society of Fire Protection Engineers –Professional Members, and experienced Project Managers. The ARS team provides innovative analyses and solutions in the areas of fire protection, risk management, Fire PRA, fire protection code reviews, fire modeling, licensing support, fire protection code review and regulatory compliance. We are ready to support our clients in the establishment of world-class programs.