ARS provides experienced fire protection, operations, and electrical consultants to assist clients in preparing for and performing audits, peer-reviews, and assessments, including annual, triennial, and special self-assessments.  The experienced staff at ARS expertise in plant operations, regulatory requirements, and industry-accepted practices both domestically and internationally.

ARS consultants perform a comprehensive assessment of structures, programs, procedures, and analyses including the following:

  • Annual, Triennial, and Special Self-Assessments
  • Reactor Oversight Process
  • FPRA Peer Review
  • Periodic Review of Government Buildings and Structures
  • Regulatory and Industry Standards Compliance
  • DOE Orders and Standards Compliance
  • Fire Protection Program Compliance
  • Fire Protection Program Implementation (Operations, Design & Programs Engineering)
  • Significance Determination Process
  • Original Design Basis
  • Plant Changes and/or Modifications
  • Quality Assurance Program
  • Fire Hazards Evaluations
  • Control of Combustibles
  • Design, Testing, and Maintenance of Fire Detection Systems
  • Design, Testing, and Maintenance of Fire Suppression Systems
  • Design, Testing, and Maintenance of Passive Fire Protection Systems
  • Observation of Fire Drills
  • Fire Brigade Administration
  • Manual Firefighting Capability and Fire Brigade Training
  • Emergency Lighting and Circuit Analysis
  • New Industrial Processes and Procedures