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ARS provides qualified fire protection engineers when clients need to perform audits and assessments for annual, triennial and special self-assessments.  The experienced staff at ARS has a thorough understanding of all aspects of plant operations and regulatory standards.  Based on information provided by governing bodies, ARS advises clients on what to include in documentation to the local governing bodies.

ARS is a global company with operations throughout the world.  The company is adept at working within regulations and coordinating with various national regulatory agencies.

ARS engineers perform a comprehensive analysis of plant structures and procedures, including the following:

  • Plant compliance with the NUREG 0800, Appendix R or NFPA 805 fire protection regulation
  • Plant changes and/or modifications
  • Original design information
  • The plant’s Quality Assurance program
  • Walk down of selected fire areas to verify that plant configuration is consistent with that described in the fire hazards analysis and to verify that the safe shutdown analysis is in compliance with fire protection program attributes
  • Evaluation of potential fire hazards
  • Control of combustibles
  • Design of fire detection systems
  • Gaseous suppression systems
  • Observation of fire drills
  • Verify that administrative procedures are in place to ensure fire brigade staffing requirements are met
  • Manual firefighting capability and trained fire brigade
  • Emergency lighting and circuit analysis


Each review will identify program strengths and weaknesses, will recommend improvements in conformance with the plant’s regulatory code, and will address areas of concern. Appendix R Solutions uses a walk down checklist to ensure that specific items in each fire area are evaluated and deemed satisfactory or unsatisfactory. A comprehensive checklist is also used for evaluation of fire brigade drills.

Appendix R Solution’s staff includes SFPE Member Grade fire protection engineers skilled in NUREG 0800, Appendix R, NFPA 805 and national standards conformance.