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The uniquely qualified staff at ARS has a range of skills and experience to perform every aspect of fire protection and safety.  When working with a client to bring a plant into compliance, ARS uses a variety of methods to determine the best way to prevent and control hazardous situations, including fire risk analysis, fire protection separation, electrical separation, code compliance, and compartment analysis.

Fire Risk Analysis – ARS compares a fire model to existing station cabling, power supplies, and operating equipment to ensure that at least one train of safe shutdown equipment is available.

Fire Protection Separation – ARS verifies that redundant trains of safe shutdown equipment are fire-protected by separation and/or fire protection systems, such as sprinklers, fire extinguishers, and hose stations.

Electrical Separation – The electrical engineers at ARS ensure that power and control cabling are adequately separated by distance or protective barriers.

Code Compliance – The operations department at ARS verifies that station equipment and procedures are in compliance with the applicable requirements.

Compartment Analysis – ARS operations staff analyzes fire risk in a compartment to determine the possible effects on plant operations.