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In the event of a fire at a nuclear power plant, the ability to shut down a plant safely is paramount. The ARS electrical engineering team has the skills and experience to perform detailed analyses of plant diagrams to determine how electrical circuits controlling safe shutdown equipment may be affected. Through studying plant drawings, cable routing diagrams, and circuit diagrams, ARS electrical engineers are able to create a plan in which equipment necessary to shut the plant down safely remains usable, even in the event of a fire.

The technicians at ARS combine data obtained through plant diagrams with information gathered on plant walkdowns to identify equipment necessary for safe shutdown.  Plant diagrams analyzed by ARS include circuit diagrams and cable routing diagrams.

Cable Routing Diagrams identify where each cable in the plant originates and terminates as well as what equipment is powered by that cable.  Through identifying cables necessary to safely shutdown and the degree of proximity to other cables, engineers at ARS are able to determine which equipment could be affected by a fire and to predict where multiple spurious operations could occur.

Circuit Diagrams provide the analysts at ARS with the information to determine what components of a circuit might fail and how such a failure would affect the function of controlled equipment.  Panel information obtained during plant walkdowns is compared to information provided by circuit diagrams to predict how loss of any panel or cable in the event of a fire would affect the plant’s ability to shutdown safely.