The ARS electrical engineering team has the skills and experience to perform detailed analyses of electrical systems to determine how fire-induced electrical faults may impact system functionality and plant safety.  ARS staff has an in-depth and practical understanding of the concepts and methods of fire-induced circuit failure analysis within the context of FPRA or Appendix R Post-Fire Safe Shutdown Circuit Failure Assessments.  By analyzing plant drawings, cable routing diagrams, and circuit diagrams, ARS electrical engineers and consultants are able to create a plan in which equipment necessary to maintain safe and stable conditions remains functional in the event of a fire, thereby reducing risk.  With the fire protection and operations teams, the electrical team works with the client to define practical, innovative, effective, and cost-efficient solutions to mitigate fire-induced circuit failures and system impacts and to reduce risk.

The specialties of electrical team include:

  • FPRA Support, including the following NUREG/CR-6850 Tasks:
    • Task 2, Equipment Selection
    • Task 3, Cable Selection and Location
    • Task 9, Detailed Circuit Failure Analysis
    • Task 10, Circuit Failure Mode Likelihood Analysis
  • Safe Shutdown Analysis
  • Cable Selection
  • Cable Routing
  • Electrical Separation Analysis
  • Ground Fault Equivalent Hot Short Evaluation
  • Electrical Coordination
  • Plant Walkdowns