The specialties of the fire protection team include:

  • Classical Fire Protection
  • Fire PRA, including the following NUREG/CR-6850 Tasks:
    • Task 1, Plant Partitioning
    • Task 6, Fire Ignition Frequencies
    • Task 8, Scoping Fire Modeling
    • Task 11, Detailed Fire Modeling
  • Fire Modeling, including FDS, Pyrosim, CFAST, FDTs
  • Fire Protection Design Review
  • Fire Hazards Analysis
  • Fire Safety Assessments
  • Audits and Assessments
  • Code Compliance Review, including NFPA Codes and Building Codes
  • Licensing Support, including Inspection Preparation
  • Fire Protection Training
  • Plant Walkdowns

Classical Fire Protection

As part of the comprehensive fire safety services offered by ARS, our fire protection engineers and consultants perform a complete classical fire protection analysis.  Classical fire protection is a term coined by the nuclear power industry to refer to measures taken to prevent fires from occurring in a plant through the use of design modifications, staff training, and equipment upgrades.  Through plant walkdowns, fire modeling, plant operations reviews, and many other methods, we help nuclear power plants develop plans to ensure compliance with all governing regulations and safety codes.  Classical fire protection includes the prevention, mitigation, detection, suppression, and containment of fires in the nuclear power plant.  We create comprehensive classical fire protection plans for our clients, including developing fire monitoring schedules and updating individual water- and gaseous-based suppression mechanisms.

Fire Probabilistic Risk Analysis

ARS fire protection engineers and consultants are integral to the FPRA process, particularly NUREG/CR-6850 Tasks 1, 6, 8, and 11.  By defining compartment barriers and characteristics, identifying ignition frequencies, and using advanced fire modeling techniques to determine the effects of a fire, the ARS fire protection team is integral to the risk reduction process.  Through each step of the PRA process, ARS fire protection works with the operations team, electrical team, and the client to provide realistic plant modeling and analysis, as well as effective risk reduction services.