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We offer clients the following services:

Classical Fire Protection

Safe Shutdown Analysis

Fire PRA support

Audits and Assessments

Code Compliance

Licensing support, including inspection preparation

ARS has the knowledge, tools, and experience to develop or enhance an existing fire protection plan for any plant.  Our engineers have an in-depth understanding of the traditional, deterministic tools for performing a safe shutdown, as well as a thorough understanding of NFPA 805’s new performance-based risk analysis tools to analyze damage to the threshold.

ARS provides comprehensive fire protection planning and regulatory compliance to nuclear power plants throughout America as well as internationally.  The combination of years of experience and cutting-edge technology allows ARS to perform a thorough analysis and develop a complete action plan to all of our clients.

Classical Fire Protection

As part of the comprehensive fire safety services offered by ARS, our fire protection engineers perform a complete classical fire protection analysis.  Classical fire protection is a term coined by the nuclear power industry to refer to measures taken to prevent fires from occurring in a plant through the use of design modifications, staff training, and equipment upgrades.  Through plant walkdowns, fire modeling, plant operations reviews, and many other methods, we help nuclear power plants develop plans to ensure compliance with all governing regulations and safety codes.  Classical fire protection includes the prevention, mitigation, detection, suppression, and containment of fires in the nuclear power plant.  We create comprehensive classical fire protection plans for our clients, including developing fire monitoring schedules and updating individual water- and gaseous-based suppression mechanisms.

Safe Shutdown Analysis

During a safe shutdown analysis, fire protection engineers and operators perform a complete review of all the ways in which a plant’s operating systems could be affected by a fire.  The expert staff at ARS are well-versed in the unique challenges facing nuclear power plants in adverse conditions.   By reviewing each cable, wall, and piece of equipment, our analysts create a thorough plan to address every potential fire behavior within a plant, allowing plant personnel to cool the reactor core and shut down the plant safely if a disaster should arise.  Our staff have experience working with every type of plant design and shutdown plan, both in the United States and internationally.