In the commercial nuclear power industry, licensing refers to the process of gaining governmental approval for the operation of a plant.  Part of this process includes demonstrating the ability to contain a fire and shut down the station safely.  This ensures that risks due to fires in nuclear plants are greatly reduced.  Under current NRC licensing guidelines, all plants must include measures to detect, contain, mitigate, and suppress any fire in the plant.  The experienced licensing team at ARS has the skills and the knowledge to assist any plant with the expertise necessary to comply with government regulations.

The specialties of the licensing team include:

  • Reviews of NRC Regulatory Compliance
  • Knowledge of NRC fire protection requirements, current rulings, and nuclear plant operations
  • Triennial Fire Inspection Support
  • NFPA 805 Transition Support
  • Supplemental Inspection Support
  • IP 95002 Inspection Support