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WebTRAN is the ARS-proprietary web-based software application developed to document the real-time status of the transition products for NFPA 805.

With WebTRAN, clients can easily monitor progress and provide oversight of a transition project in progress. The software includes enhanced features for open items and variances from deterministic requirements (VFDRs), with the capability for management to review ongoing work products. In addition, contractors and owners can view the transition to NFPA 805.

Unique Features

  • As an Oracle-driven database, WebTRAN  provides greater stability, increased speed, more accurate scalability, and a better multi-user environment than Access-driven databases.
  • The WebTRAN database is less susceptible to data corruption/data loss.
  • Oracle databases, including WebTRAN, provide greater capability for securing data.

Web-Based Application with Multiple Benefits:

  • Accessible from anywhere at any time. WebTRAN’s capability enhances the efficiency of the transition team, while a licensee can easily monitor progress and provide oversight of a transition project in progress
  • User-friendly interface, features, and functionality
  • Enables a site to perform selected project tasks or portions of tasks while using a combination of on-site and off-site resources
  • Capability for easy collaboration and cooperation with other sites that are using this tool to perform similar tasks
  • Cost-effective: Provides the capability to share fleet or industry resources to perform specialized tasks. For example, the subject matter expert who performed reviews and tasks for one site can perform the same reviews and tasks for the second site from a single location
  • Fleet common process software “tool” (easier to maintain same/latest version and functionality for each site)
  • Single location for storing fire protection transition data for site or fleet
  • Facilitates automated fire safety analysis or design basis document (FSA/DBD)

In addition to the above benefits, WebTRAN has a variety of features developed with ARS input and specific to this web-based tool. These features/functions include a project management tool, a control panel, the option to obtain a summary or a detailed transition report, open item and VFDR tracking, built-in data security features, a reference documents library, a tech support system, and a request for additional information (RAI) module.

The RAI module addresses feedback learned from the NRC on pilot plant submittals, which provides a cost-effective way for non-pilot plants to assess their license amendment request (LAR) against pilot plant lessons learned. WebTRAN provides a summary of all pilot plant RAIs, an assessment for each RAI for applicability to non-pilot plants, and recommendation actions for non-pilot plants, and prints detailed report outputs for licensing and management reviews.