Task11xl Fire Modeling Tool 2017-09-02T00:16:11+00:00

As part of the guidelines set forth in NUREG/CR-6850, Task 11 directs nuclear power plants in the methods of performing detailed fire modeling, predicting the ways in which a fire will behave in a designated area and the equipment that may be affected by such a fire. The fire protection engineers at ARS have designed a data mapping tool, TASK11xl, to facilitate the maps and models necessary to making these calculations.

The data generated by calculations run in other NUREG tasks are input into the macro, built in Microsoft Excel by ARS engineers. This macro then calculates the likelihood of a fire in any room of a plant causing damage to cables running through that room. It also calculates the ability of current fire detection and suppression methods to prevent serious damage to necessary equipment from a fire.

The TASK11xl program is faster and more flexible than performing calculations by hand or relying on existing detailed fire modeling tools. Because of the macro, variables can be changed and updated quickly, allowing fire modeling engineers to adapt the program to calculate for each fire area separately, rather than having to rely on representative rooms when calculating the likelihood of fire damage and suppression.

In addition, the TASK11xl program allows fire modeling engineers to determine whether existing methods of fire detection and suppression – combining automatic, prompted, and manual methods – are adequate to prevent a fire in any fire area from causing damage to components necessary for safe shutdown.