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Appendix R was written as an addition to Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 50.48, and it details the requirements to be able to perform safe shutdown in the event of a fire and to mitigate release of radiation to the public.   ARS works closely with power plants to find cost-effective solutions to meeting those regulations.

The engineers and operators at ARS are well-versed in the codes and regulations set forth in Appendix R and can help plants modify outdated designs and procedures in order to be in compliance with Nuclear Regulatory Guidelines.

In accordance with the Appendix R to Part 50, ARS identifies and evaluates the following:

  • Fire Protection Program, including defense in depth fire protection
  • Fire Hazards Analysis
  • Fire Prevention Features
  • Safe Shutdown Capability
  • Fire Brigade Training and Practice
  • Emergency Lighting and Administrative Controls
  • Fire Strategies
  • Alternative and Dedicated Shutdown Capability
  • Fire Barrier Cable Penetration Seal Qualification and Fire Doors
  • Oil Collection System for Reactor Coolant Pump

In addition, ARS engineers will recommend any other modifications or general design requirements to meet the prescriptive requirements of Appendix R.